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Reputation, Reviews & Healthcare

In order to thrive in the age of the consumer, healthcare systems need to be optimized online. The next steps for any executive in the healthcare industry looking to improve patient satisfaction, retention, and reputation are through a local SEO strategy. This report is a how-to guide for large healthcare systems on new marketing strategies that will help drive local SEO success.

The Process

To capture the scope of the healthcare industry, we took a list of the top 100 healthcare systems and narrowed that down to the top 10 based on the number of locations. In this report, we analyzed 10 of the biggest healthcare systems in the nation to determine who is most optimized online. We used real customer data to determine the biggest areas of opportunity for a brand to increase its visibility in search results and improve the offline to the online customer experience.

Key Insights

  • Healthcare systems are actively monitoring their online reviews with an average review response rate of 38% in the last 3 months

  • Listing accuracy is significantly lower than it should be with an average of 83%

  • Ranking visibility is low for the unbranded keywords that consumers are using to find doctors and healthcare providers

What Providers Can Do

Healthcare systems are clearly prioritizing their online reviews because of the higher than average review response rate. After analyzing the healthcare industry’s online reputation to this extent, we determined three key areas where every healthcare system was missing the mark when it came to their local SEO strategies. Across the board, listings accuracy was low, departments, clinics, and doctors are all missing local pages, and each provider could use a new unbranded keyword strategy.